What Are Free Bonuses and How Can You Claim Them?

Looking over the gambling market, you'll find that online casinos have turned it into a battlefield, as they vie to get the attention of more players than their competition. One of the greatest weapon they have is their list of promotions and this is especially true with their highly generous no deposit bonuses. The term itself already showcases that it's a promotion that comes for free, unlike match-up deposits which will require you to deposit money before you claim it. Online casinos however, deliver this type of promotion in diverse ways and that's exactly what you'll be able to find out in this riferimentocasino.com page.

Different No Deposit Bonuses Types

More often than not, free bonuses are those that you could only get before you sign-up on a site. However, web-based waging establishments have also made it a point to share this generous offer to existing players, as a form of reward to their loyalty to the site. This means that whether you're new to a site or not, you'll still have a chance of getting this free bonus. There are several forms on how you could enjoy this kind of promotion and they could be either on free cash or credit, free spins or even through a cashback. You will find these types of bonuses at many casino sites. But first, read some reviews of the best Canadian no deposit casinos at casinosforcanadians.com. Aide from the free bonuses, you will find much more useful information too.

Free Spins

If you've been waging for quite some time now or have researched quite a bit, you ought to already know, that waging is more often used on online slots. Free spins is a form of free bonus that is targeted mainly on slot players. A site provides players with tens or even hundreds of free spins, which could be for all the slots on the site or for specific titles only. We have found a number of online casino directory websites where you can claim free casino bonuses and use them to try and win real money. The best of these is sigamex and the website is especially popular with new casino players who want to play without using their own money. Visit the website for a closer look at their no deposit bonus promotions.

Free Cash or Credit

Free spins is obviously something that's limited to a single type of game when on the other hand, free cash or credit can be used in a more diverse array of games. They are perfect for those who would like to play table games, roulette, bingo and more. The web-based waging establishment will simply give your account a small amount of money, and it would be up to you to play with it on their games. Keep in mind though, that there could still be some restrictions on games you could play with it, depending on the site you are in.


This is something that you'll be able to enjoy as an existing player on the site. There could already have been a point in your career where you wished you could get back the money you've lost and cashback promotion is the way to do that. Through this promo, you could enjoy getting back a percentage of your loss entirely for free.

How To Claim These Promotions?

There are several ways on how you could enjoy these promotions. There are those that are in the form online casino bonus codes and must be used on the cashier or upon signup and those that are automatically credited to the player's account. You'll also find free bonuses where you will have to talk to the customer service first to claim them.